Full Stack Web Design

Full-stack web design combines the backend and frontend with marketing and SEO. Designs need to be engaging and intuitive to the audience. Visitors need to understand what the site is about by scanning the page in a few seconds so they can decide if they want to continue on the site -- signaling to Google the quality of the site.

... First Impressions ...

Your site is in many cases the first point of contact you have with a new customer. An impression is made within a few seconds. Like your office and work uniforms, the site needs to match your brand and the customer's expectations.

Design like your office is non-verbal communications; It communicates emotionally that you are ready to help your customers, that you take pride in your work and brand. It tells the customer what quality they should expect when dealing with your brand.

CSS Animation Examples

✔ Advocate for designing to existing brand

Keeping to a brand style and personality helps customers quickly identify and recognize the brand. Maintaining the trust, reputation and customer loyalty it has across platforms. At Solution Smith, we make sure to maintain an effective brand marketing strategy; consistently communicating the brand's identity and values in meaningful and engaging ways.

✔ Intuitive User Interface Design

The design of the user interface is done to facilitate the visitor's progress through the website. If asking a customer for payment then phone numbers and access to contact information for customer service need to be above the fold on the page. If packages are being shipped then access to the shipping information needs to be above the fold as well as access to what is being shipped.

✔ Persuasion by Design - Focusing the visitor's attention

Aesthetics alone may not suffice in promoting the marketing, usability, or functionality of a design. The balance of the design, creates a dopamine, (dopamine aids in memory), response by looking nice, and bringing the visitor's attention to the key elements of the marketing process. The user interface gets the person where they need to be. The gold standard is everything works towards the goals of marketing and the goals of the site. The design should not be an exception to these goals, but part of the solution.