Mobile and Cross Platform Applications

Numerous case studies have shown an increase in ROI by companies marketing with mobile applications. Mobile applications help with engagement and loyalty for those who provide them. Provide a new point of contact for gaining new customers and when installed are nearly always activated to allow those who provide them to communicate with their customers. Communications can be handled with a messaging system built into the application, Push Notifications, or other push-like methods.

Application platforms can be native to the device or use a multi-platform solution to work across many devices. Made using the device's native interface or for example, with games, made with a completely custom interface.


Web applications that run in the browser can be turned into a headless, (referring to removing the browser interface), application that can run fully off-line and use local storage, access with user permission:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Receive push notifications
  • GPS location
  • Sensors such as orientation and movement
  • Use Gamepad devices
  • Use Biometric authentication
  • Speech synthesis and voice recognition
  • and more.