Marketing with Digital Entities

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✔ Finding your customers - Event Promotion

Events have their markup for online promotion, provide rich search results, and can be leveraged with the site to help in digital marketing and spread awareness of your brand.

✔ Are you on the map?

Being on the map is important for most brick-and-mortar, retail businesses. Most known retail searches on Google include a map with the most popular locations that fit a given search. Google collects this information from other sides, content embedded on the site, and when somebody creates an account on Google for the business. The predominance of the map listing is also synergistically leveraged against the site.

✔ Local and National Search Optimization

Google Maps is the first step to improving local search, and the better the site is optimized the site will get impressions over larger areas on the map and nearby areas. Getting national search impressions falls back to the core elements of search engine optimization, both on and off the page.

✔ Google knowledge graph

The google knowledge graph feature appears next to the search results on a Google search when somebody is searching for your name and is filled in by either the information used when a Google account is created or schema-coded content which is on the website. Additional features appear within the search results and are powered by Schema type content. Much of which work synergistically with a national search.

✔ Cross Branding on Social Media, YouTube, et la.

If your customers are on social media you can reach them there. The content on social media works synergistically with both local and national searches.