Strategic Marketing using Graphic Design

Marketing is about client not the business

Businesses get a tactical advantage when the marketing content is strategic. The design needs to be focused on the marketing strategy for the product and use design principles to focus the visitor on the key points; Pay attention to the keywords needed by potential customers to find the site; and have situational awareness of both the market aesthetic and the competition.

For materials, which are used on other sites for additional points of contact, designs face the same challenge of getting the attention that movie posters have in movie theaters. Many movie posters resort to subliminal messaging ... people often don't decide what movie they want to see until they arrive at the theater; each poster has less than a few seconds to get attention; And, the poster that gets attention can affect the bottom line by millions of dollars.

The first level of focusing attention on the website, which does not have competitors, is with color. With a color-theme attention is drawn to the element that uses a contrasting color. However, attention is given to any element that is not like the others; subliminally people look for the element that is different.