Websites, Coding, Hosting, and Web Development

✔ Social Media and Schema Coding

Designing the elements that are shown on other sites helps in brand marketing and gives a smooth introduction to your content as people find you online. Elements on the page are used when people share your content on social media. Schema coding provides hints for other online resources on how to list your site on maps, directories of events, and recomenations for products, and directly influences Google's information graph about your site.

Content Management Systems

CMS or Content management systems provide a site where the owner or owner agents can add pages or edit pages using a web-based editor, which is intended to be as easy to use as a word processor. The design of the site is built into a theme, and all of the used design elements are codified into the theme. Beyond the initial creation of a site. New information and updates are what keep a customer coming to and looking at the site. This activity also helps to bring in new customers, Search Engines are always looking to have new information in their search results, and their business model depends on it. A CMS-based website lends itself to this type of organic promotion for a site.

A CMS system does not require a site to look like a template. Services provided by Coding Smith are for custom sites, not templates or blogs. We are not the best place for services for templates or blog sites. The usage of CMS at Coding Smith is for faster and more economical updating of content. Coding Smith also codes templates with multiple page styles, which can create SEO silos for competitive SEO. Parallel to a CMS system other content can exist on a site. The CMS is best used for content that needs to change and be updated by an agent of the site.

Event Management Systems

People are actively looking for events online, and it's part of the business model of search engines to provide it. Publishing events online, (on your site), brings people to your site for information about the event. Goodwill is produced when your company supports the activities of your community. More, than likely your competitors are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Responsive Sites, Mobile Internet and Mobile Apps

Responsive websites, (sites that provide a good user experience regardless of screen size), are necessary for most content online. People often use their phones to find suppliers, and then share this information with the others involved. If a site is not mobile-friendly, it misses out on this potential.

People don't use their phones the same way they use their desktops. People generally prefer to use applications on their phones and web sites can be coded into an application. Web applications can run without an internet connection; They are phone applications using the languages and technologies of the internet. If an application is good those who have installed it continue to use it ... one can win getting return business because of this brand marketing.

Need for speed -- Progressive web sites

Coding Smith enjoys the challenge of making fast sites. It should also be noted that it is in the interest of Search Engines to promote fast sites, and should be noted that sites, where information is jumping around the screen, are not functional until content stops moving; And, not in the interest of search engines to promote.

The most common or first method of gaining speed is to allow the site to begin functioning will resources that are not required for functionality are still being fetched -- this (progressive website) functionality may include images that appear below the bottom edge of the viewport, to be fetched as needed.