Utilize Schema and Semantic HTML

HTML Semantic tags do more than just allow AI to better understand the content of a website. Search Engines do use these tags as well as other content which can be embedded into the coding such as JSON schema. The semantic vocabulary of JSON schema breaks down the content into pieces of data.

Semantic code is also important for ARIA devices and in user accessibility. ARIA devices can navigate the page based on the semantic meaning of the role for these tags. Semantic tags are useful in the design and coding phase and for maintenance by keeping content organized. It is important that the tags are not directly used as styling tags as doing so creates a conflict between design, the page structure, and the meaning of the semantic tag.

For example the <blockquote> has been wrongfully used as a tag to indent content. Instead do the styling using a CSS rule and apply that class to the block quote, or a div that needs to same appearance.

Specific Use Cases