Raising the Standards

raising the standards

Marketing with Digital Entities

Marketing both online-based digital and traditional print marketing is part of Solution Smith's talent stack. The services provided today are online digital marketing.

How a site looks in search is based on how it is coded

In the good old days, one could rank for almost any term by just using the term or keyword on the page, site, in the text, and in the anchor tags pointing to the page. Today one needs to use an empathic SEO strategy to match search intent

Solutions by Design

Design without purpose is meaningless; Design is the non-verbal portion of the communication, and it is wasted if it is not connected with the audiance and what is being communicated by the content. Solution's talents lend themselves to clean designs and functional user interfaces to create the environment to support the goals of the content; And, Solution's philosophy is to openly share knowledge and information. When, where, and how subliminal design can become strategic is not a trade secret ... Yes Solution produces designs, but it is honest work for a fair price not based on secrets.

Mobile Apps

Both hardware and softsoft are part of Solution's Talent Stack. Mobile and desktop applications are just an extension of that; But, mobile applications when it comes to digital marketing has a very impressive ROI. When somebody installs an application on their phone they are likely to use it often and the brand practically owns the customer as they are the first place the customer goes for the purchase. Call for mobile application solutions and pricing.