Lifestyle themed design

by Wayne Smith

The design for lifestyle marketing is a lifestyle design. It is often the kind of content and design one would find in magazines. The focus is not on the specific details of a product or a service but on the lifestyle-related to these products or services. Nike's "Just Do It" Campaign encourages people to embrace an active lifestyle, and rather than focusing on their products, the ads show athletes, both professional and everyday people, engaging in different sports activities. Apple's "Get a Mac" Campaign was all about portraying the lifestyle of a Mac user, emphasizing things like creativity, simplicity, and innovation. Harley-Davidson's ads often show people cruising down scenic roads with the wind in their hair, promoting the feeling of freedom that comes with owning a motorcycle.

Solution Smith's lifestyle designs sells experiances by inspiring a way of life. Vivid and captivating imagery breathes life into the possibilities that the products offer.

Lifestyle Content

When marketing lifestyle -- product marketing is generally a soft sell.

A person interviewed in a video would talk about his experience in driving a scenic highway, and the Harley takes a background position, which made it possible.

A person who joined a gym may share their goals of becoming healthier and the results of their hard-earned efforts. Yes, the particular gym was helpful in availability, friendly staff, and a great atmosphere; But, ultimately the focus was on the person and their goals.

As the focus is on the person, the lifestyle, and inspiration the call to action or design focus is also shifted from the product to the person and experience. The page becomes more like an affiliate marketing partner that produces content and provides a link to the product page.