PWA Installable Web Applications

PWAs allow all the functionality of a web based application to run and be used while offline like a native application. They can be listed and installed from the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, or Meta Quest Store in the same way as native Android apps are installed.

For a stand alone PWA the browser menus, and browser tabs are removed -- the application can feel like a native computer application. The difference is the engine they are powered by is built into the browser.

Google Keep

By Google

Keep is installed by default on many Chromebooks; Is listed in the Google play store; and many people who use it are unaware that is it a PWA web based application.

Like Google Maps, (another PWA), or Google docs it has the look and feel of a native application. Except one logs into their google account to use it, and browser extensions like grammerly also operate within the application.



Photostack does bulk image resizing, cropping, and watermarking with a drag and drop interface or file selection drop down.

Files can be saved using the file API as either jpg or png, and all files can be saved into a zip file.

Photostack is a good example of a small utility that serves a niche for people who are working with large volumes of images.

PhotoStack works on any modern browser or platform that supports modern web features, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and others.

Photostack is installable via the browser menu. Uses service workers to work offline either as an installed app or using the browser.



They have taken the time to build there application to the look and feel of a modern desktop appllcation. With all of the features that a todo list should have. It is available and installable at the Google Play store, but can also be installed from the browser menu. People using it may not be aware it is a WPA as it feels like a native application.

Blue Ocean Marketing Opportunities

Both BMW and Make-My-Trip have spotted the Blue Ocean Marketing opportunities that exist with PWAs. When somebody installs an application on their system they tend to go back to them and use them. PWAs have built in loyality even before they have purchased a product, while they are looking at features of a product.