The Terms of Service for the Website

Jurisdiction of Solution Smith

The jurisdiction of Solution Smith is the United States of America and Solution Smith follows all terms required for a website in the United States of America. It should be noted Solution Smith records no private data and has only a black piece of paper for a legal request for private information.

Access to Content

Solution Smith reserves the right to block malicious activities, abusive traffic, or any attempts to hack or test the security of the website without consent. Generally speaking malicious activities will be blocked automatically, and without human intervention.

Solution Smith reserves the right to make certain content only available for a fee or to make content that was once free to access into subscription content.

Copyrighted Materials

Solution Smith reserves all copyright rights under the jurisdiction of the United States. Including the right to send a cease and desist letter or file DMCA takedown requests if necessary. Solution Smith also reserves the right to ignore copyright violations. when a violation is ignored, for any reason, Solution Smith reserves the right to stop the violation at any time, or selectively stop copyright violations based solely on the emotion of Solution Smith as to whether or not we like the content associated with the unlicensed usage.

Generally speaking, Solution Smith likes sites that attribute work back to Solution Smith.

Solution Smith acknowledges the rights of others for the fair use of copyrighted materials; As defined by Copyright laws and policies of the US Copyright Office.

Licensing Materials

The following relates to materials with an EXIF tag, or other indication, with a URL regarding how to get a license.

Contact Solution Smith at 619-796-2005.

If you wish to use the material and attribute the work back to Solution Smith without contacting us -- we will likely like you and ignore the unlicensed usage; But, maintain the rights to the material and the right to consider its usage. But if the usage is taking money out of our pockets we will not like the usage, without fair compensation.