Managed Customized Hosting

Design is one aspect of a memorable website, another is the features or technologies the website offers. Customized hosting services add features that make a site a unique one-of-a-kind site.

The internet can process and stream video, and run a multitude of applications. Yet many hosting companies don't give access to these technologies. By using a managed host these technologies become available for usage on a site. Security of data and mitigation of attacks is part of the system used to host the site, and the security of the site needs to be managed.

Use Cases

✔ Software as a Service, (SAAS)

Many AI applications are cloud based and have special needs for their hosting enviroment. Custom hosting allows these systems to provide cloud based services.

✔ Technology Upgrades

HTTP/3 is still considered by some to be in the development/experimental stage. It has not been vetted over time like http/1 and http/2. Some of the features it may ultimately include such as WebTransport requiring a self-signed TLS certificate IE OpenSSL ... are still being worked on.

Apache Traffic Server Nginx web server LiteSpeed Caching Web Server

✔ Security and Mitigation of attacks

One complaint by professional system administrators is that many of the standard LAMP hosting providers do not keep their security up to date. Solution Smith monitors all hosting accounts; is a first responder to security issues; And, deploys proactive messures to prevent security problems.

✔ Video and Audio Hosting

For clients to upload video and audio or even images, the server needs to be able to run applications such as FFMPEG or ImageMagic on the upload media to put them into the correct format to them to be used on the site.

✔ Voice over IP and related website services

For VOIP video conferencing the server needs to run applications which are not part of the, Linux Apache MySQL and PHP, LAMP core applications.