Using Schema to make site name unambiguous

by Wayne Smith

Schema can be used to make this information unambiguous.

The schema should be on the home page for the domain. In this case on the content that appears when somebody goes to the URL -- The home page needs to be readable by Googlebot.

It has long been a best practice that links pointing to the home page use the site name or brand name of the site as the text, not the text "home", and that the site name or brand is part of the title of the home page.

Using isPartOf on internal page

The isPartOf property can be used on internal pages to provide the information as to what website the internal page should be associated with. Although this method is not specified by Google. And, having different names for isPartOf may lead to the situation of the site name being ambiguous. It is noted here as a potential way to resolve the problem and as something that needs to be specifically checked to make certain that there is no disagreements being provided to search engines as to the site name.