Is SEO Dead ... Again ... Long Live SEO

by Wayne Smith

SEO is a discipline of marketing, Job Titles related to SEO include Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Media Planner, Internet Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Consultant, Search Engine Optimization Consultant (SEO Consultant), and SEO Strategist (Search Engine Optimization Strategist).

Common to all technology jobs SEO tactics change as new versions of document retrieval algorithms come online. Like all technology jobs, troubleshooting is a required skill. Troubleshooting is not guessing, although sometimes it looks like it, it is an informed strategy to locate a problem when several possibilities exist. It does require testing and is not for everybody ... some people quit SEO when old tactics or strategies don't work as they used to ... hence, they say "SEO is Dead," when they get lost.

... Raising the Standards ...

The guide to search algorithms is intended as an aid for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines can and do create new algorithms and can adjust how important a specific algorithm is in determining what sites to show and how they are ranked.

SEO tactics can die and a new organic search engine strategy needs to be used with new tactics. As long as sites exist that allow people to search the internet for other sites, search engine optimization exists.