Online Marketing 2023 | SEO Should Hits Be Counted?

by Wayne Smith

Hits don't represent purchases or customers, the internet is full of bots that scan the internet mostly looking at or for weak points in the web sites security. A site with zero search engine presents may have 100s, 1000s, or more hits per month from bots. Google and Bing both frequent websites to check for page updates and new content. These hits as well as hits to non-existing pages don't convert to customers and don't represent an accurate picture of the economic health of a site.

Each image on a page results in an additional hit on the server, making the hit count an arbitrary statistic for e-commerce. Although useful for determining server usage, or in knowing that the site is up and running, and yes there are bots that just look to see if the site is up and running. While a polling chat system that updates every 5 seconds results in 20 hits per minute.

Unique Visitors

A little better than the raw hit count, although any unique visitor requesting a page with HTTP/1.0 protocol is not a human or potential customer. If the site has HTTP/2 enabled anything that is not an http/2 request is not from a browser or viewed by a human, and not all http/2 requests are human.

Actual Traffic

Actual traffic sent from Google is represented in Search Console or from Bing in Webmaster Tools. Logs can be useful to see changes in direct traffic and visitors who request the javascript files are mostly human. Javascript can also relay the screen size back to a server confirming its a potential customer.

At Solutions we look at actual traffic referals, actual potential customers, and actual orders; We don't inflate the number of humans to make our efforts look better.