NixOS : pick and choose your packages on install

by Wayne Smith

The enterprise system manager may find NixOS attractive as the installation is customized with the needed packages at the time of installation. This gives the IT department a standard set of packages to be supported by the company.

Other technical users may have an interest because it provides customization at the time of installation. No need to remove software one does not plan to use and install the software one will be using after installation.

Another benefit is being able to change the configuration for different packages and reboot into that setup -- giving the option to try different packages and be able to roll back if one does not like the package.

The downside is one needs some familiarity with the pros and cons of different desktop managers and other packages.

People who are not technical, and who have access to a computer person can have the technician build the configuration file which can be downloaded and used as the setup for the system.

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